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We handle a variety of e-commerce, retail and MOTO accounts and functions as a licensed and full service ISO. We pride ourselves on being highly efficient and proficient in charge backs, risk mitigation techniques and high-volumes merchant accounts.

Joining the program does more than give you a membership, it creates a partnership between us. We will aid you on your path to becoming a successful business office that is able to offer cash advances, debit and credit card processing at merchant's quality, and any other essential tools that help you on your way to becoming a profitable and successful business. Building a successful business not only requires having a solid plan, but aligning yourself with partners and other companies that help, not hinder your attempts to thrive in the economy.

You shouldn't have to feel like you're alone in your ventures to success. We pride ourselves in becoming a part of your team and act like family to do everything we can to ensure you have an equal opportunity to compete with other businesses and achieve success. With us you don't have to worry about someone watching over in a big-brother sense, as we work with you, not over you to help you on your path to success.

We offer to you the power to use financial services as you like.

This ISO partner program makes you the one in charge of everything. Selling credit card processing will be a simple process once Agent ISO is in place. You will make regular residual commissions as well. Here are the features of the program.

  1. You will receive excellent ISO Agent instruction
  2. You will receive complete documentation
  3. We cover your complete underwriting department
  4. We offer a complete risk department
  5. We have superior customer relations
  6. You then receive monthly income from commissions

Fair Revenues

We offer fair revenues that are balanced at a fifty percent division for all of the fees. When the fees are taken care off, competitive pricing makes everything a little more appealing. You will profit when you use our company.


Receive monthly residual commissions from your accounts. PCI compliance is important and should be made a top priority. We make this a top priority as well. The days of open tickets are gone and there are no messages to handle. Best of all, we handle all of the customer support that is required. You can simply sit back and make monthly cash. What more could a merchant ask for?

Risk Department

We take a total pro-active approach to risk management for you. This means that we prevent the disasters before they become a risk. We also pay close attention to the customer service that is required to prevent any risk from damaging your reputation as a merchant.

Highest Quality

When you partner with us, you get the highest level of service for your credit card processing. You make money off the effort and can rest assured that your risks will be handled in a pro-active manner. This means that you can prosper and remain prosperous. Here are some reasons why.

  1. We have specialists that handle every step for you
  2. We offer fraud examiners to catch risks before they become a problem
  3. Our e-commerce specialist use SSL certificates to make everything is secure and safe
  4. We concentrate on customer satisfaction and retention

We are fully licensed as an ISO agent and offer support for the highest risk merchants in the business. This allows the merchant to know that they are fully covered with the highest quality for your credit card processing.

Our Policies

Our policies are specifically designed to be open for all of the ISO partners. We know that you have many choices for ISO partners. We know that the bottom-line is profit. When we do our job, you get to profit. That is what will make you chose us.

Let us Show You

Our selling point is: simple. “The world of merchant services is available to you for your merchant needs.” Here are some more details for you to decide if our company is the right credit card processor for you to sell.

  1. All merchant fees will be covered
  2. We pay for everything
  3. You have zero risks
  4. You own the residuals for life
  5. We pay bonuses daily
  6. The equipment is free
  7. We even provide the marketing materials
  8. You can become an agent easily and it will never cost you a thing
  9. You do not need any experience

All you have to do is sign up and start to be an ISO Agent today. The compensation is amazing. The ease of use is very simple. All you need is to find a loyal customer base and you will perform well.

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