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PCI Assist Information

PCI Assist Information

We know that trying to understand PCI DSS compliance might be a little bit intimidating. This is especially true for smaller business merchants. We are an industry leader when it comes to Information Security and compliance and we are here to help you simplify the process using PCI Assist.

What Is PCI Assist?

It is a set of tools online that were developed with the Level 4 Merchants* in mind. It offers a wizard-style type interface as well as an online security advisor. It will assist you in learning the best practices for your business and help you follow the important steps leading to your validation in PCI DSS compliance.

*Level 4 Merchants are merchants who don't process more than 1 million transactions a year from every acceptance channel with one card brand. Or, those that process less than 20,000 e-commerce type transactions every year with one card brand.

Benefits Of PCI Assist:

Because data security is always evolving, it is extremely important that your PCI DSS compliance be validated and maintained on an annual basis. Using PCI Assist is beneficial because it guides you through the whole process with step by step instructions and offers tools and information on best practices to help keep your business safe and secure.

PCI Assist Offers Access To The Following:

  • The Security Policy Advisor- this tool helps you to comply with the PCI DSS policy requirements and it helps you to develop good practices that your business can put to use to stay safe
  • Tutorials, online help and educational material to read

How PCI Assist Works:

We know that the process of PCI DSS certification can be quite complicated. This is why we provide you with a set of tools with the easy to use portal that will easily help walk you through the whole process.

  • PCI Wizard will guide you through the self-assessment interview step-by-step to see how well you are working to manage and protect your customer's credit card and debt card information currently
  • PCI Wizard will then use that information to begin filling out your PCI certification form, also known as the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). You will be given the opportunity to review the information and then submit it when ready
  • Certain merchants might also need to fill out and complete the "network vulnerability scan" which will help to ensure that their store or website is adequately safe from Internet hackers. Should this apply to you, will also walk you through the whole process as well

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