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Top 10 Reasons to Apply

Top 10 Reasons To Apply

Making a wise choice when selecting the company to handle your credit card transactions is critical to ensuring that your company will be successful. Finding a company that has the combination of low rates, quality service, and a well-trained staff is critical to meeting your credit card servicing needs. When you select us, you will receive these services with a guarantee that your needs will be thoroughly satisfied. Here are ten reasons why we are the best choice to be your credit card processor.

1- Increase Business Earnings

Many businesses will see a direct increase in sales when they accept credit cards according to studies. Having the ability to accept credit cards gives you the ability to reach impulse buyers who often use credit cards to make their impulse purchases. It has been shown that 80% of these purchases are made using credit cards.

2 Competition

In order to be competitive with other businesses in your market area, you must be able to accept credit cards. This has become standard practice in just about every business. So, in order to compete for those customers, your business should accept credit cards.

3 Variety of Credit Card Programs Offered

We offer many different credit card programs that are tailored to your specific business needs and requirements. We offer the latest technology that will help make your business efficient and competitive. We offer services that include Internet processing, iPhone systems, mobile technology and the latest terminals.

4 Authenticity

By having the ability to process credit cards, you will be able to display the Visa or Master Card logos on your business storefront or webpage. This gives your business immediate authenticity and let your customers know that their purchases will be safely processed.

5 - Experience

Customers want to do business with a company that is well-established. We have more than 20 years of experience processing credit cards. With this level of experience, they can adjust and respond to the changing business conditions that your business may face in the marketplace.

6 Customer Support

We offer 24/7 customer support that we guarantee will meet your every need and requirement. Our award-winning customer support is based on ensuring that the customer is always satisfied with our services.

7 Same Day Approval

We offer same day approval with our simplified application process. We can have you accepting credit cards in record time. We use underwriters that have years of experience and will typically approve 95 percent of the business applications that are submitted.

8 Low Rates

We can offer competitive rates that are as low as 1.19 percent. We will also match the rates offered by our competitors. We have statement fees that are as low as $5.00 per month.

9 Secured Payments

Many customers are concerned with security and privacy of their information and our company recognizes the importance of business confidentiality. We can guarantee that your transactions will be kept secure because we are VISA PCI compliant. We strive to ensure their credit card transactions are treated with the highest level of security and privacy as possible.

10 Free Equipment

Since launching a new business often requires a large amount of capital and huge expenses can present challenges to new business owners, We offer free equipment to new customers. We feel that providing free equipment will help make starting a new business that wishes to accept credit cards much easier.

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